Monthly Archives: August 2014

A Need for Forgiveness – a Lesson from Matthew 18

Forgiveness is not always a natural thing because when we are wronged it is often so hard to forget the wrong done to us. People can do some awful things to us that make forgiveness seem impossible. The only way that I am able to have forgiveness in my heart is because of my faith in God. I learn about forgiveness in the Bible. Continue reading

God of All Comfort, Love, and Hope – A Poem

Life is hard at times, but I find my strength in the God of all comfort, love, and hope. Poetry is therapeutic for me and often I sense God’s presence in a powerful way when I write poetry.  If you are struggling, as I often do, I hope you might find comfort in these thoughts. Continue reading

How to Make Psalm 23 Personal

Psalm 23 is such an inspiring psalm. It inspired me to write my own psalm patterned after Psalm 23. I do not seek to compete with King David on this, but I wanted to celebrate what God has done in my life. I went verse by verse through Psalm 23 and sought to capture a similar sentiment as David. This is how I made Psalm 23 personal. This I write in gratitude to my God. Continue reading

Book of John – Bible Verses for Inspiration

As I was reading the book of John, I thought about the beauty contained in the book and about how many inspirational verses are found in John. I share five verses here that really inspire me from the book of John. If you are looking for inspiration, I hope you will find some in these Bible verses. Continue reading

Reasons to Study the Biblical Languages

I credit my mother for giving me a great love of the Bible. I fondly remember the Bible stories she read to me when I was a kid. I read it on my own at an early age. As I grew older, I thought it would be great to learn Hebrew and Greek. At the time, I really did not anticipate a time in my life when this would happen, but many years later, I decided to go to Bible College and it was required to learn both Hebrew and Greek. I was excited about this. I also had the opportunity to learn Aramaic and so I learned all three of the biblical languages. Continue reading