Clothed With the Armor of God

As I was mediating on the life of King David and the words of Paul concerning the armor of God, I thought about how our fight is not with flesh and blood. It inspired me to write this poem. Believers should be warriors since we are always in battle. We are defenseless without the armor of God. We should have a heart that is a warrior heart and one that is always ready for battle.

I am ready to stand and I am ready to fight.

In Your strength oh Lord, and by Your might.

To fight for Your honor when no one else will.

I want a heart like David, ready to do Your will.

Doing all that I can do to stand,

I will hold the shield of faith firmly in my hand.

Having girded truth about my waist,

My feet are ready to bring the Good News without haste.

With righteousness as my breastplate,

As a warrior for You, Your orders I await.

Always into battle with the helmet of Salvation

And the Sword of the Spirit as my foundation.

With Your Word as a lamp unto my feet.

Like honey in my mouth, it is so sweet.

Give me a warrior heart that in all I will obey.

And I will proclaim Thy word of truth that Yeshua is the way.

Knowing all who stand against You will one day be struck down.

But I want forever to be with You and to receive from You a crown.

I believe to have a heart like the one David had means to have a warrior heart. I want to be a woman after God’s own heart. We need this warrior heart to prepare us for battle. The armor of God gives us what we need to win the war.

Note: Yeshua is the Hebrew name of Jesus.


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