Poems Inspired by the Sanctity of Life

Years ago I worked at a crisis pregnancy center and was inspired to write these poems. I recently came across them and wanted to share these two poems about life.

Life in the Womb

Lord here I am trapped in this body ready to come out.

Although it’s pretty cozy in here, I feel the need to shout.

I want to run and leap for joy over all that You have made.

I want to be born, for that what I wouldn’t trade.

Maybe someday I’ll be president or win some sort of prize.

And I’ll do my best not to get caught up in any lies.

Is it time yet? How I want to see the light of day.

It’s pretty crowded in here, really no room to play.

I am having trouble hearing. Are they talking about me?

They act as if there’s not a person in here, how can that be?

Hello, don’t they know I have feelings and I also feel pain?

They want to hurt me and rob me of dancing in the rain.

All that I could hope to be, I won’t get the chance

To experience all life has to offer like the thrill of romance.


Lord it is hard to fathom that You have chosen me.

And that before the foundation of the world, You planned who I would be.

As I was brought forth in iniquity, my future seemed so bleak.

Yet even in the womb, You provide protection for the weak.

As far as the world is concerned, I was a big mistake.

But You are my Creator who gives me every breath I take.

I thank You that life is what my mother chose.

That I could see your glory and the beauty of a rose.

For those who never make it, I am sure You have a place.

Where any memory of their pain is gone without a trace.

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