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I am a homemaker, Bible study and Hebrew teacher. I am also a freelance writer. I love learning new things. I cook, keep chickens and a cat. I love bird watching. I am on a journey towards clean eating and being fit.

America’s Modern Day Slavery

Over the past several years, I have gained a greater awareness of the evil of human trafficking going on in America and around the world. If I ever needed a reminder of just how fallen this world is, this modern day slavery does the trick. What I am learning is that it is in my own backyard. People are being sold every day and treated as if they are less than human. To make it worse, children are often the victims.

“Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. It involves controlling a person through force, fraud, or coercion to exploit the victim for forced labor, sexual exploitation, or both.”[1]

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A Christian Reflection on the Biblical Fall Feasts

The month of Elul is the last month on the Jewish calendar. It is often a time to reflect and take inventory of one’s life over the past year in preparation for the upcoming High Holy Days. One of the traditions associated with the month of Elul is the daily blowing of the shofar as a call to repentance. Continue reading

Fanny J. Crosby – The Lady Behind Blessed Assurance

Believe it or not there are churches that still sing old fashioned hymns such as “Blessed Assurance.” Whenever I sing a hymn, I like to pay attention to the writer.  I think because I myself write poetry and songs, it interests me to know who wrote my favorite songs.  For a long time I have been impressed with Fanny Jane Crosby.  Continue reading

Prayers of the Righteous

I have no shortage of prayers that I make to God on my own behalf, but when I pray for others, I have an extra concern for effective prayers. Continue reading

Why I Prefer Hanukkah over Christmas

I grew up celebrating Christmas, but as I grew up and evolved in my faith, I have gone away from celebrating Christmas. I want to share some personal reflections on why I prefer to celebrate my Messiah through the holiday of Hanukkah instead of Christmas. I don’t care to judge anyone, but only to share where I am coming from in my journey. Continue reading