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Does God Delight in the Death of the Wicked?

In recent years, I have had people close to me die. Throughout most of my life, I have not dealt so personally with loved ones dying. A verse comes to mind for me during these times and it is Psalm 116:15 that speaks of  death of His godly ones being precious in God’s eyes. The Hebrew word hasid means godly or faithful. It is an interesting verse. Continue reading

Who is God? Bible Verses about God

There have been studies on the names of God, but I was curious about verses that describe God. He is the God of love, but there are other ways to describe Him. God cannot be described in just a few words. He is described  as a God of love, comfort, and so much more. Continue reading

Bible Verses for Encouragement

My greatest source of encouragement comes from God and the Bible. I hope these encouraging Bible verses will encourage you as they do me. Encouragement from the world is fleeting, but encouragement from the Bible concerning God’s promises is forever. Here are five Bible verses for encouragement. Continue reading

Renewing the Mind – Four Bible Verses

I think too often Scripture is quoted out of context, but I also believe that sometimes a single verse or thought in Scripture can provide a lot of insight and comfort.  When I need to renew the mind, I turn to Scripture for inspiration and focus. The following verses have helped with renewing my mind. I hope they can inspire others to do the same. Continue reading